Michael Morrissey


Live at Marcos Heuboden Oberzissen. Begins 19:30Uhr.

Live at Gleis 1 Waldenburg. Biegins 20:30 Uhr.

Freiburg Stimmt Ein .Live in Weingarten. Begins 18: 00 Uhr

Live in Emmendingen Burgschenke Landeck.

Live at the Zelt Musik Festival Actionbühne. Begins 22:00 Uhr.

Live in the Bioladen St. Georgen. Begins 19:30 Uhr.

»Live« in Schopfheim

Sunday 10.10.21

Delighted to be asked to play at the 3rd Songwriter Festival in Schopfheim. From 14:00 Uhr.


Live in St. Georgen



I'll be playing a short gig in the Bioladen St. Georgen on Friday 26th November. This is a very special location and very dear to my heart. We'll be starting at 19:30 and places are limited....michael


Live in U & I Music Schopfheim



Delighted to announce that I'll be playing a very unique gig in the U & I Music Shop Schopfheim on Saturday 27th November 2021. An evening of songs and stories with a question & answer session also planned and I'm so looking forward to it...michael


Ps Big shout out to my friend Ben Meech for organising this.


I've always got me a song to hide behind